Pregnancy fears: When to worry and when not to?

It is pretty natural to feel excited and stressed during pregnancy. Some fear is genuine, and few can be baseless.


The body undergoes a roller-coaster of emotions, never the same. One moment you may feel utmost joy; the next, terror. However prepared we think we are when we see our body change, and we have no control over our appetite or the change in our bodies, it is natural to feel distressed. Then the tiny you growing inside you, the slight movements can give you great joy.


Joy is a good thing to feel; one should address the fears to have a happy pregnancy.


Common fears:


The questions are endless.


  1. If I roll on my stomach, will I accidentally crush my baby?


Your baby is safe inside your womb, and nature has its way to protect the baby. Pregnancy is not a disease. Your body adapts naturally to motherhood, and you will know when something goes wrong. If you are used to sleeping on your belly, this fear is natural, but you can relax.


“Lying on the stomach can cause discomfort for the mother as her uterus grows, but it has no impact on the foetus,” says Dr Nwegbo-Banks


  1. Am I eating something that will harm the baby?

It is easy to get overtly obsessed with every food on your plate, while what we drink or eat is essential. Try not to fear too much, eat healthy food and avoid junk food and alcohol.


  1. Will my water break in public?

Contrary to what people may think. Not all women experience water breaks during pregnancy, and even if it breaks in public, it will be a trickle and not immediately noticeable.


  1. Am I equipped to handle my baby?

It can prove to be exhausting handling a baby. When bringing the baby home, all new parents can be challenging, but it is not rocket science; you will learn most when the baby arrives.

The best way to ward off the fears is to have a confidante with whom you can share your fears and who can provide you comfort.  Join a community of pregnant women.  This will help you to share your feelings with others who are facing similar experiences, and you will feel less isolated.

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