What happens to your body when you “go commando” or stop wearing your underwear?


For most of us, wearing underwear is a daily ritual, just like wearing dresses, and it isn’t easy to imagine life without wearing one.  

Women prefer wearing comfortable, sexy, and colourful underwear, from shorts to thongs. Why do we wear underwear? Is it societal norms, or are we conditioned to wear them?

Nowadays, women willingly opt not to wear underwear for various reasons. The panty lines are show-stoppers for appearance and a big no-no when a woman wears sexy outfits. Medically your vulva will thank you if you decide not to wear underwear as it has a chance to breathe.  

So what happens when you stop wearing underwear?

  1. The chances of getting a urinary tract infection or yeast infection become minimal. Underwear tends to trap moisture and also microbes. The moist environment becomes the breeding center for Candida, a fungus responsible for yeast infections.
  2. Vaginal skin becomes less irritated. The skin on the vaginal area is sensitive, and using underwear with residues of laundry detergents and body moisture can be uncomfortable.
  3. Also, note that if you are wearing rough jeans without underwear, it may rub on the vulva, irritating you.
  4. Sitting on surfaces without fabric can attract foreign bacteria, leading to infection. If you opt for sans-underwear, ensure at least one layer of protection between your skin and other surfaces.
  5. Not wearing underwear, gym practice, or exercise may lead to sweating and a foul odor. There is no layer to absorb the sweat without underwear, and the smell can permeate.


Your vulva needs to breathe free. Wearing loose cotton underwear or going commando can be the solution for a healthy and infection-free vulva and vagina. 


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