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Ultra-Thin Pantyliners

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LAIQA Pantyliner is made with the finest quality materials, to reduce the chances of friction-induced rash or skin irritation. It gives amazing comfort to get you through your day-to-day activities. Made to provide freshness that lasts for up to 6 hours and will lock in the wetness to make you feel fresh and comfortable.

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Why Laiqa Panty Liners?

Laiqa Panty Liners protect you from unwanted moisture down there caused by urine leakage and discharges. They further help with spotting on the first & the last days of periods. A single Panty Liner can provide up to 6 hours of freshness & odour-free experience. The design and size makes it comfortable to wear.

Pack Contains

20 Panty Liners


Ultra-Thin Pantyliners available in pack of 20 & 40


Vaginal discharge, unexpected periods & unwanted moisture, Laiqa panty liners protect you from all these. The Laiqa panty liner is made of cotton that keep you feeling dry and fresh for up to 6 hours!


Laiqa does not compromise women's health, hence keeping the toxic ingredients away from its products. Laiqa panty liners are 100% free of allergens, chemicals, and toxins.