Our Story

LAIQA was founded in 2019 in Gurgaon, India, with the belief that powerful bodies deserve powerful goods.  This led us to craft our menstrual care products keeping the needs of not just our bodies, but also the environment, at the center of our focus.

this is who we are.

lāyaka • noun

1. Capable of achieving anything in life

2. Worthy of the best the world can offer

this is who we are.

At LAIQA, we believe we are not just a product, but a movement. We are committed to bringing high-end menstrual care products into the market that are eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable, and suited for the modern you.

That’s not all.

LAIQA recognizes that our responsibility only just begins there. For a brand conceptualized and developed in India, where 43% of the menstruating population
do not have access to safe and hygienic care, we donate period products to communities in need for every LAIQA purchase made.
We celebrate the power of kindness and community. Our products are crafted with scientific innovation – and we are constantly looking for ways to reinvent the world of menstrual care.Our team at LAIQA is driven by a passion to dream and create today the possibilities of tomorrow.A future that is both —
good for her, and good for Earth.


this is why we do what we do.

Our mission is to join hands with all menstruating people so that they can be part of an equal and sustainable future.

Our Commitment.

01. use responsibly and sustainably sourced materials wherever possible02. design products that are intelligent so that you can be comfortable03. facilitate and normalize conversations around the body and our environment04. champion important social issues that affect our local communities

a little more about us.

At LAIQA, we dare to imagine a powerful future of kindness and equality. To make sure that this future is closer to today than ever before, we nurture a team that dreams together and constantly motivates each other.

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